Ready, Set, HIRE!

It's no secret that jobs of the future won't look like they did in the past. Technology and social media continue to be game changers. A recent post on LinkedIn lends credence to the message that current students need more than a traditional brick and mortar education. Without saying so directly, the post reveals what … Continue reading Ready, Set, HIRE!

College and Career Ready?

College and career ready? Are we really teaching the necessary skills kids need for their futures? Studies of business costs resulting from employee behavior show significant losses due to miscommunication (Sanders, 2017). It's entirely possible schools will need to change their focus if they genuinely want students to succeed. In her 2017 article, Sanders mentions … Continue reading College and Career Ready?

Remember to Model   We know all about how to be teachers. This year I challenge you to be leaders. Leaders model what they want others to emulate. Brett Lewis, a friend of my family-entering his Junior year of high school- recently went "live" with his fabulous TED Ed talk on YouTube. Brett calls to action all … Continue reading Remember to Model

Being a Digital Leader

My Learning Journey Two years ago I began learning about who I wanted to become. A friend reminded me that time would pass no matter what I chose to do with my life.  That conversation prompted me to begin the Digital Learning and Leadership M. Ed. (DLL) program at Lamar University. It has been the perfect … Continue reading Being a Digital Leader