#5388 Special Topics: Creating Professional Learning

My work in the DLL program and my regular job had the makings of a case study, which I began at this point in the program. Subsequently, I have maintained the case study as a work in progress in a separate area of my eportfolio.

This course offered guidance about designing and implementing a INNOVATION PLAN, in my case a strategic plan for “____”, which I created based on a three-year technology plan, which I wrote. The plan changes every three years.

Beginning in 2016, the plan was designed to bring technology into teaching in ways that supported my school’s mission and beliefs.  The course foundation was to create a significant learning environment (CLSE) using my innovation plan to lead others. My focus was professional learning (PL).

The Big Picture

Why Change? Innovation Plan History; POP Catholic Three-Year Integration Plan

Strategic Plan 3 Year Technology Integration Plan

Abbreviated Plan Document for Approval

Supporting Research and Philosophy to Support Changing Pedagogy

The Need to Change; 21st Century Education


Benchmark Case Study for Catholic Education and Integrating Technology: Ottawa Catholic School Board

(website) http://www.cea-ace.ca/initiative/2015-16-innovation-sticks-school-district-case-study-program

Case Study Report (for download)


The Implementation Plan: (Innovation Project)

 Implementation Plan (for Yr 1) of Three Year Technology Integration Plan

The following links were used in preparing staff for the activities to come:


What is Effective Professional Learning? Presentation


5 Week PL Plan Rotation Schedule Presentation


PL Invitation to Attend

Course Assignment 3

Adult Learning Page: Links my colleagues to our recent PL information and the supporting documents.


Blog post to summarize PL; also included a new addition from course #5316, Digital Citizenship, which will be a focus in 2017-2018.


DRAFT – 2016-2017 Technology Plan; Prince of Peace Catholic School – 

Update: The document has been approved by the Administration Team in the Spring, 2016-2017.

Abbreviated Technology Integration Plan 2016-2019