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Tool #1: People Skills


How to Help Other Teachers Learn to Use Technology


“Let’s not forget that teachers are just an older version of students”

If you’re a technology leader in your school, you may have arrived there with out a formal interview or even any real technology training yourself. Early adapter, teachers who naturally integrate technology into classrooms without being told to, and those who adapt to changing technology with ease, are often the real tech teachers in schools.

Let’s not forget that teachers are just an older version of students. Well, generally speaking. Teachers need time to learn, too. Teachers deserve to full attention and support of the schools in which they work if they are to be successful using technology in the classroom.

Helping adults integrate technology into classroom activities is greatly about soft skill, or my Tool #1: PEOPLE SKILLS. As you would with any student, assessing learners’ readiness to learn falls into this category of people skills. I don’t actually ask the following questions, but I assess the situation tactfully before beginning.

I seek to verify a few things:

  1. Motivation  – do they want to be using technology, or do they have to?
  2. Prior experience – if this something they have done before or is it new to them?
  3. Purpose – why have they chosen technology now, for this lesson, and is it a good fit?
  4. Connections –  how is the connection to learning or application better because of technology?
  5. Outcomes – what are they trying to measure and will technology help?