The Secret to Hearing the Truth – Google Forms

My oldest son's kindergarten teacher once said "if you believe only half of what your child tells you happens at school, I will believe only half of what he tells me happens at home". I took the deal. If you are in a position where getting to the truth matters; maybe you need to know … Continue reading The Secret to Hearing the Truth – Google Forms

My Path to Somewhere – a Self Assessment

Education is fluid. How we learn and teach isn't set in stone. As educators we also need to be fluid and willing to move away from our comfort zone and feel the burn of learning. If nothing more, the experience will keep us in tune with the feeling of those we are trying to influence, … Continue reading My Path to Somewhere – a Self Assessment

The Importance of Learning Communities

At one time I thought I could go it alone in my career. Totally disappointed with the political undertones in the world, I hoped to keep myself out of the employment "muck" by withdrawing from the cliquishness in society. I was wrong - I can't make a difference by myself - and I shouldn't have … Continue reading The Importance of Learning Communities

Engage Learners using

One of the most versatile and fun tools I have used in the classroom is It allows users to create avatars which speak on behalf of the creator. Students (or teachers) can use them to express understanding, give instructions, or simply to spruce up a boring presentation. A Voki can be embedded into presentations  … Continue reading Engage Learners using