Robotics in Middle School

December 2016

Congratulation to POP Dusters for an amazing time at Auburn University! Take a look.

(POP Robotics students (6th graders) rack up 120 points in the yellow section during a 3 minute round.)

What a great experience for the kids at POP Robotics and the other 57 teams from five states. Auburn University knows how to bring engineering to life with the Blues Brother’s theme party at South’s BEST Robotics Regional competition.

November 2016

Making great progress!

October 2016

Great News!! POP Robotics is going to Auburn! The POP Dusters team won 3rd place at the Shelton State competition and will advance to South’s BEST regional competition. Five states compete from Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, and Florida in December.

September 2016 New Challenges – New Website!!

We have moved to a new website platform for the BEST Robotics Season. Please visit us at

I will continue to post on my blog any time the kids have something new to share!

August 2016

The countdown has begun! Soon we will begin the 6 week chase to the finish to build a robot from scratch and compete in the BEST Robotics competition. Join us to watch our progress as we rattle our minds for the best design and concepts that drive our team to victory lane.

For more about what makes our robotics team special and the importance of adult leaders in the lives of kids, check out my recent post  Getting started with Robotics.