“IT” Makes a Difference in Education

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IT movie picPrince of Peace has been very successful educating children for the last 15 years. I joined the staff six years ago and have contributed to that success through my work as Technology Director. I attribute this not to the technology we use, but to the belief in why we should use it. With the availability of nearly every device and point of access available at Prince of Peace, our teaching community must take the leap of faith and commit to a new model of education if we are to continue growing as a school and truly prepare the next generation of children.

For several months I have led a team of seven staff members in rebuilding our three year technology plan. Historically the plan revolved around skills and state standards, which somehow equated to learning. I have dreams and goals for creating a new learning model at Prince of Peace and our plan will help us get one step closer.  The new technology plan focuses on developing strong, innovative teaching strategies that integrate technology.  One project currently in the works will add blended learning into the foreign language program. Teachers will learn from other teachers how to guide students as they learn, rather than tell them what to know. Technology is merely a window – a pane of glass- through which to interact with the world, and with practice teachers will come to understand the power of engaging kids to become self-motivated learners. Our culture is primed for a change and I believe we can achieve “IT”.

During August 2016, we will kick-off our plan with a video like the one below. “IT” will become the school theme for the year. In this case, IT does not mean what you typically think (information technology), which is the point. IT is the white elephant in a modern classroom. The frustrating task of creating this silly message was a reminder of the struggles we will encounter on this new path. The original video was a compilation of teachers and students exclaiming “this is IT”, having no idea why I was asking them to say it. Unfortunately, the footage was lost when the iPad broke – not once, but twice in one day! Unwilling to give up after the comedy of errors, I created this three minute trailer of “IT” using Microsoft Movie Maker. My twins, 7th grade students at Prince of Peace, came to my rescue with their support and unscripted conversations about “IT”.  The boys and their middle school friends have been speaking of “IT” in the halls, poking fun and promoting my cause. My struggle to create this trailer was quite ironic, but worth “IT”.

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