Digital Citizenship Mantra

Mantra PNG

Prince of Peace Catholic School has a mantra that was developed in 2000 “We light the candles, they light the world”. In recent years, with the incorporation of technology and the transparent line between school and personal digital communication, a second mantra is being proposed:

“Be your best self – In person & online”

In 2015 a new, dedicated building on campus was erected to house the growing middle school. A unique identity began to emerge as policy and practices were established to meet the needs of 6th through 8th grade students. Their independence and freedom could be more effectively guided with a set of expectations called The POP Way, which is an accountability system that replaced the outdated disciplinary policy. With greater freedom, including 1 to 1 technology, comes greater responsibility.

The POP Way encourages students to be independent, consider their own abilities and actions both in person and online. Technology plays a big part in their daily lives at school and home and they will face challenges in balancing their relationships with the expectations of their parents and teachers. The principles of Catholic education, specifically the Beatitudes serve as a “what to consider” as they make decisions about their relationship with other and the world, both in person and online.

The proposed mantra embodies a special prayer at Prince of Peace, “Thank you God, when You made me, you made the very best”. It is a reminder we are constantly working to become good Catholic citizens – our best selves – always, not just when we are at school. Where The POP Way ends, the mantra begins and is intended to represent our behavior as Christians. It encourages students to choose to be whom God made them to be, “the very best”, at all times.

 If you are not familiar with the Catholic Beatitudes, they are about: humility, sadness, gentleness, equity and fairness, forgiveness, loving intentions, resolving conflict, and defending what is right, even when it comes with loss. 

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