Building Online Courses for Teachers

Adult learners wanting to advance their technology skills in may benefit from online courses that encourage learners to advance at their own pace. In particular, teachers who lack fundamental skills and knowledge to use technology in teaching are perfect candidates for learning online. The flexibility of when, where, and how much provide the freedom for teachers to isolate what is needed for effective technology integration in their own classroom. The vast network of online website communities provides instant support, and the opportunity to practice digital citizenship.

Building an online course begins with the learner in mind. What is the purpose of the course? What skills does the learner already have? How will they use the knowledge and skills? And most important, how will they continue to learn as technology changes.

Below are some resources to use in developing an online course.

Framing a course

Course Goals: 3 Column Table

Begin with the end in mind

Ask the right questions

Using an online teaching platform (Schoology)

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