Speaking of Digital Citizenship…

Have you considered if the kids in your class or home are socially ready for the technology they use? How do you know? Look for future articles about starting the conversation about kids, technology, and how to know if they are really ready to collaborate. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QHOBDnB0mU Resources: Photo credits: all images retrieved from Pixabay.com under … Continue reading Speaking of Digital Citizenship…

Digital Citizenship – Begins Here

It's challenging trying to get society to change. Truthfully, it's really too much for one, two, or even a hundred people to take on alone, but if it's important enough, it's worth trying.  Lately, while learning about the many sides of digital citizenship, I have developed a mantra for my school to present as part … Continue reading Digital Citizenship – Begins Here

Copyright, Gaming, and “You”Tube

Let's talk about ethics. Take a look at the perspective one YouTuber shares about his own experience with copyright and ethics: You know, ethics - not the law of what we can and can't do, but what we should and shouldn't do.  As I dive deep into the legal abyss of copyright law I am … Continue reading Copyright, Gaming, and “You”Tube

CC (Creative Commons) Explained

How to give proper credit where credit is due If you're like me, your understanding of technology and its related parts goes only as deep as is necessary to get the job done. Nothing wrong with that, I say, but in the age of digital citizenship, we ought to know more about how to cite … Continue reading CC (Creative Commons) Explained

Freedom to Learn: A story of success

  Have you wondered if all your hard work will somehow make a difference to anyone? I have. Deep inside I know I have brought significant change to my school but this week I actually watched the evidence of that change through a program a new teacher introduced last month, a classroom version of TED … Continue reading Freedom to Learn: A story of success

Reflecting on Creating Something New

It's finished. My first online course. It may not make you a rocket scientist, but if you want to learn all about Google and how to use its resources in the classroom, you can master it pretty easily by following the content in my online course. Then you'll know how to help students become rocket … Continue reading Reflecting on Creating Something New