Looking Back to See the Future: a reflection

 The Impact of Significant Learning Environments Reflecting on the past is only useful for lamenting regrets and assessing one’s potential for change. My experience in the DLL program has given me cause to reflect upon both. Of course, I have no regrets except that I didn’t find the program sooner - although it probably didn’t … Continue reading Looking Back to See the Future: a reflection

Publishing the Truth

Evidence-Based Learning Society demands evidence, especially in education. Are we hearing the truth? Are schools checking the validity of data? I doubt it. Data is driving curriculum, teaching methods, and technology integration options. Are these choices actually helping kids learn better? Without reliable information, we may never know.   If you are hoping to contribute to … Continue reading Publishing the Truth

Are You Burnt Out?

You Can Make it! We all need motivation, especially at the end of a long school year. Every year comes crawling to an end, but some years drag you through potholes and over mountains to get there. No matter what your line of work, having someone who can help you re-calibrate is vitally important, especially … Continue reading Are You Burnt Out?

Speaking of Digital Citizenship…

Have you considered if the kids in your class or home are socially ready for the technology they use? How do you know? Look for future articles about starting the conversation about kids, technology, and how to know if they are really ready to collaborate. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QHOBDnB0mU Resources: Photo credits: all images retrieved from Pixabay.com under … Continue reading Speaking of Digital Citizenship…

Digital Citizenship – Begins Here

It's challenging trying to get society to change. Truthfully, it's really too much for one, two, or even a hundred people to take on alone, but if it's important enough, it's worth trying.  Lately, while learning about the many sides of digital citizenship, I have developed a mantra for my school to present as part … Continue reading Digital Citizenship – Begins Here