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Prince of Peace Catholic School

During 2015 our school Prince of Peace Catholic (POP) needed a video face lift. Our newest campus building was complete; a modern middle school and the crowing jewel for our Catholic Community, and the wold needed to learn about it. But, as is often the case, money for extras in the Catholic education system are used for the bigger projects, so creating a new video to promote our wonderful school was left to our creativity. This collaborative video project was the epitome of kids using technology to solve real world problems – ours!

Our school sits in the middle of a very large and successful suburban school system (Hoover City Schools of Alabama), and over time, I am happy to say I have met some great leaders and learned many valuable lessons through them. In this instance, I borrowed their talent and experience to create this video you see above. Under the direction of their teachers, three high school students studying media used this project as a submission for graduation, leaving us with an amazing – and true – video description of our school.

I have been a part of the Diocese of Birmingham Catholic System for nearly 10 years. I have worked for Prince of Peace Catholic Church and School since 2010, and have been the Technology Director for the past four years. I also hold a seat on the Advisory Board of Catholic Family Services of Birmingham, where my main contributions are in developing an identity for the organization through social media and online marketing. What I have learned from this project, with the help and support of our public school district is when there is a problem to solve, students can and will live up to their greatest potential by trying to solve it – with the support of willing adults. This is REAL LEARNING – Relevant Education and Adult Leadership. Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Please visit often, and look for more interesting projects in the Projects tab. I will post the outcomes here, under My School. At POP I have three roles, build and manage the infrastructure to grow and sustain technology in the classroom, educate employees and faculty in technology use with curriculum, and teach kids how to think their way through life. The school is my laboratory, and this site is my journal.

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