A Case Study: Updated 6/29/17

Professional Learning & Technology Integration

UPDATE: 6/29/17

Prince of Peace Catholic School has completed its first year of an observational case study that examines the process and results of an innovative professional learning program. An excerpt from the overview document brings to mind the goals of the study:

The following topics will be observed during the course of the case study. Each represents an area of consideration that will influence the success of the plan. The deployment process will take one school year to complete beginning in August 2016, and ending in May 2017. The topics do not appear in any specific order and will be consolidates as needed.  Three categories will be used in this outline to consolidate PL topics. The lists include many, not all factors that should be addressed during the deployment of the professional learning phase of the Technology Integration Plan.

  1. Focus on students

  2. Focus on teachers

  3. Focus on leadership and community

Phase II begins with an examination of survey’s and observational data. Due to substantial differences in the school’s elementary and middle school technology use, only the middle school will be evaluated in the initial data. Two questions are asked: first, did middle school teachers continue to use technology for teaching after the professional learning deployment, and, did their use impact that of students; specifically, did students use technology for independent learning outside of course work?

Action research is used to determine these answers. Additional survey data will be collected to capture similar information about the comfort level and technology use by teachers in elementary grades.

Phase I: 2016 Case Study, Year One Implementation

Prince of Peace Catholic School is implementing a new strategy for integrating technology in the classroom. The process has been outlined and the deployment has begun. To follow along with how the implementation process is going, please check back periodically to read about the school’s activities which are documented in this case study. The study will focus on the school’s efforts to encourage and provide professional learning to its teachers in support of the integration of technology throughout the school.

Case Study Contents

Case Study Overview

History of Technology Implementation Plan

A Fresh look at PD – Promotional Presentation

Invitation to Attend PL (formerly called PD) Fall sessions

Fall PL Session Schedule

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