I am constantly trying new tools and working to implement technology in meaningful ways. Here, you will find some projects I have posted. Also, follow the resource link to find resources used for many of the projects below.


May-June 2017 #5315

Literature Review about PD and Action Research

A Reflective Essay: Looking Back to See the Future

Action Research Outline: Breadcrumbs: Using Action Research to Re-calibrate a Plan

April 2017 #5316

March 2017 #5316

February 2017 #5318, #5317

January 2017 #5318

visit; a LMS (learning management system)

December 2016

November 2016 #5388

October 2016 # 5314, #5388

September 2016: #5314

August 2016: #5304

July 2016: #5304

June 2016: #5313

April and May 2016: #5305

For a list of all my projects, visit:

Extras: #5302, #5303

  1. My Manifesto – what I believe
  2. My Teaching Path and Self Assessment
  3. Engage Learners with Voki in the Classroom
  4. Using Google Forms for Assessment
  5. Getting started with Google in the Classroom
  6. The Value of a Professional Learning Network (PLN)

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