Chrome Superhero – Professional Learning

Reading, Writing, & Thinking: Become a Chromebook Superhero

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Station #1 – Chrome Apps Batman

What’s a Chrome App?

A Chrome App is an application or program that runs in the Chrome browser that takes you to a website.




Station #2 – Chrome Extensions Wonder Woman

What is a Chrome Extension?

A Chrome Extension enhances the user experience, adds productivity to any website when using the Chrome browser.

Where can I find and install Chrome Extensions?

Install & Investigate Extensions Activity & Sharing Activity



Station #3: Google Drive Spidermanspiderman

Collaborating with Google Docs
Google Documents can be shared with students.

Try this Writing & Collaborating with Google Apps Activity

Sharing this Activity



Station #4 – Chrome Smashing Superman


What is a Chrome Smashing?

Chrome Smashing is a lot like baking.

It involves mixing 2 or more digital tools (aka, chrome apps or extensions) to create an outstanding learning product.

Install Apps for Smashing

Chrome Smash Activity