Time to Make a Change

During the past few weeks, I have been promoting the importance of blended learning throughout our school. In fact, beginning in the fall, blended learning will be the focus of our principal, faculty, and the target of our professional development. Recently, I have built a plan to implement blended learning in the foreign language program … Continue reading Time to Make a Change

The Uncomfortable Business of Change

I have set out to change how we deliver education to students by making teachers more aware of the need to connect with them in new ways. During the next school year, together with a small team, I am building a plan to support teachers as they dive into teaching with the help of technology. … Continue reading The Uncomfortable Business of Change

Why Tech? Using Disruptive Innovation with Foreign Language Courses

It's true that some classes are better taught by a live teacher and manipulatives. In other cases, using technology is a better choice. Currently I am testing the waters with a real project that will determine and possibly change how students are introduced to foreign languages in my school. This is currently only an idea, … Continue reading Why Tech? Using Disruptive Innovation with Foreign Language Courses

Old School Teaching

Old School Teaching No doubt, as a teacher you have wrestled with knowing which lessons are best taught "old school".  Sometimes it's  just quicker and easier to pick up a piece of chalk (well okay, an expo marker) and create a visual. As a technology integrator, the conflict reminds me of the struggle between ranchers … Continue reading Old School Teaching

Sites for Teachers – to Engage Learners

Let's face it, unless this is the first time you've ever touched a computer you know the list of technology sites for teachers is endless. Are you wondering how you can find what will work in YOUR classroom, with YOUR kids, and YOUR abilities, in YOUR time frame?? I have gathered a short list of … Continue reading Sites for Teachers – to Engage Learners