Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy

Take a fresh look at the gold standard for helping learners progress through the digital world of education- Bloom's Digital Taxonomy (BDT), a redesigned version of the original 1950's educational road map.. Many teachers are unprepared and feel vulnerable about teaching with technology because they haven't mastered the knowledge and concepts themselves. BDT is not only … Continue reading Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy

Creating a Growth Mindset Plan

Learning is a Process - Leading to Success In the mid-1980's I recall watching my father keep the attention of several hundred students at once, in a high school auditorium. He didn’t work for the school, he was a therapist and motivational speaker. He visited that day as a guest to speak to students and … Continue reading Creating a Growth Mindset Plan

Making the Educational Pieces Fit

  So much is written about improving education that it's easy to get lost in a sea of information. Teachers want the best for their students but sifting through research and data overwhelm their efforts to improve education. A collection has been gathered in one place to help teachers see what's possible when designing courses … Continue reading Making the Educational Pieces Fit

Creating a New Foreign Language Course

A Journey in Backward Design In this post, we examine the process of designing an innovative, blended learning course with a student-centered environment to teach German in middle school. The pilot course is an introduction to German, a language not currently offered in our school, built using the backward design model. Backward design considers what … Continue reading Creating a New Foreign Language Course

Time to Make a Change

During the past few weeks, I have been promoting the importance of blended learning throughout our school. In fact, beginning in the fall, blended learning will be the focus of our principal, faculty, and the target of our professional development. Recently, I have built a plan to implement blended learning in the foreign language program … Continue reading Time to Make a Change