Leading Educational Change

Bringing technology tools into the classroom is relatively easy compared with changing the behavior of those who use it. Teachers and administrators often know what needs to be done but lack the direction to influence the right behaviors at the right times to elicit the right outcomes. Prince of Peace Catholic is about to begin … Continue reading Leading Educational Change

Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy

Take a fresh look at the gold standard for helping learners progress through the digital world of education- Bloom's Digital Taxonomy (BDT), a redesigned version of the original 1950's educational road map.. Many teachers are unprepared and feel vulnerable about teaching with technology because they haven't mastered the knowledge and concepts themselves. BDT is not only … Continue reading Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy

Time to Make a Change

During the past few weeks, I have been promoting the importance of blended learning throughout our school. In fact, beginning in the fall, blended learning will be the focus of our principal, faculty, and the target of our professional development. Recently, I have built a plan to implement blended learning in the foreign language program … Continue reading Time to Make a Change

The Uncomfortable Business of Change

I have set out to change how we deliver education to students by making teachers more aware of the need to connect with them in new ways. During the next school year, together with a small team, I am building a plan to support teachers as they dive into teaching with the help of technology. … Continue reading The Uncomfortable Business of Change

Know Your Audience – Know Yourself

  Know Your Audience - Know Yourself We all know students and teachers who seem to find the lime light. They are the same people who are outgoing, have a hand in everything, volunteer, laugh out loud, and seem to get along well, everywhere. They are extroverts. Others, people quite the opposite; hardly have any … Continue reading Know Your Audience – Know Yourself

The Art of Teaching Teachers

The Art of Teaching Teachers I failed to consider the emotional state of the players ...next time I'll chose my words more carefully At some point adults reach maximum maturity, a point where we simply react before thinking - like an end to our emotional coping skills. I have no scientific proof of this but … Continue reading The Art of Teaching Teachers

What Kids Really Think

Tell Me What You Really Think I am the proud mother of three sons, all talented students, and more importantly, fine young men. We raised our boys to be honest with themselves about their strengths and weaknesses and hope they can be honest with us, too.  Sadly, all three boys have reported they hate school … Continue reading What Kids Really Think