Kid Coaches

I'm completely fascinated by middle school kids. They are somewhere between wanting to be led and hating it. This was quite obvious in our coding class this week. The class includes members from 6th, 7th, and 8th grades, both boys and girls, all wanting to learn how to code. Let me say now that I have … Continue reading Kid Coaches

Leading Educational Change

Bringing technology tools into the classroom is relatively easy compared with changing the behavior of those who use it. Teachers and administrators often know what needs to be done but lack the direction to influence the right behaviors at the right times to elicit the right outcomes. Prince of Peace Catholic is about to begin … Continue reading Leading Educational Change

Why Tech? Using Disruptive Innovation with Foreign Language Courses

It's true that some classes are better taught by a live teacher and manipulatives. In other cases, using technology is a better choice. Currently I am testing the waters with a real project that will determine and possibly change how students are introduced to foreign languages in my school. This is currently only an idea, … Continue reading Why Tech? Using Disruptive Innovation with Foreign Language Courses