Kid Coaches

I'm completely fascinated by middle school kids. They are somewhere between wanting to be led and hating it. This was quite obvious in our coding class this week. The class includes members from 6th, 7th, and 8th grades, both boys and girls, all wanting to learn how to code. Let me say now that I have … Continue reading Kid Coaches

Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy

Take a fresh look at the gold standard for helping learners progress through the digital world of education- Bloom's Digital Taxonomy (BDT), a redesigned version of the original 1950's educational road map.. Many teachers are unprepared and feel vulnerable about teaching with technology because they haven't mastered the knowledge and concepts themselves. BDT is not only … Continue reading Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy

8 Tips from a Kid’s Perspective

Educators are searching for the secret to the adolescent brain hoping to find the magic formula for helping them learn. The field of education is saturated with advice, research, brain studies, and recommendations. For another perspective on how kids think and what they might want from their learning experience, check out the video below originally … Continue reading 8 Tips from a Kid’s Perspective

Research in the Classroom

Teachers need to know a little bit about everything -take Middle School teachers, for example. Regardless of the subject one teaches, there is a good chance their students will have to research something. Research might even be a standard in the course. Many teachers are not accustomed to having to cite a source or give … Continue reading Research in the Classroom