CC (Creative Commons) Explained

How to give proper credit where credit is due If you're like me, your understanding of technology and its related parts goes only as deep as is necessary to get the job done. Nothing wrong with that, I say, but in the age of digital citizenship, we ought to know more about how to cite … Continue reading CC (Creative Commons) Explained

Leading Educational Change

Bringing technology tools into the classroom is relatively easy compared with changing the behavior of those who use it. Teachers and administrators often know what needs to be done but lack the direction to influence the right behaviors at the right times to elicit the right outcomes. Prince of Peace Catholic is about to begin … Continue reading Leading Educational Change

The Uncomfortable Business of Change

I have set out to change how we deliver education to students by making teachers more aware of the need to connect with them in new ways. During the next school year, together with a small team, I am building a plan to support teachers as they dive into teaching with the help of technology. … Continue reading The Uncomfortable Business of Change

What Kids Really Think

Tell Me What You Really Think I am the proud mother of three sons, all talented students, and more importantly, fine young men. We raised our boys to be honest with themselves about their strengths and weaknesses and hope they can be honest with us, too.  Sadly, all three boys have reported they hate school … Continue reading What Kids Really Think

Research in the Classroom

Teachers need to know a little bit about everything -take Middle School teachers, for example. Regardless of the subject one teaches, there is a good chance their students will have to research something. Research might even be a standard in the course. Many teachers are not accustomed to having to cite a source or give … Continue reading Research in the Classroom

Sites for Teachers – to Engage Learners

Let's face it, unless this is the first time you've ever touched a computer you know the list of technology sites for teachers is endless. Are you wondering how you can find what will work in YOUR classroom, with YOUR kids, and YOUR abilities, in YOUR time frame?? I have gathered a short list of … Continue reading Sites for Teachers – to Engage Learners

The Secret to Hearing the Truth – Google Forms

My oldest son's kindergarten teacher once said "if you believe only half of what your child tells you happens at school, I will believe only half of what he tells me happens at home". I took the deal. If you are in a position where getting to the truth matters; maybe you need to know … Continue reading The Secret to Hearing the Truth – Google Forms

Engage Learners using

One of the most versatile and fun tools I have used in the classroom is It allows users to create avatars which speak on behalf of the creator. Students (or teachers) can use them to express understanding, give instructions, or simply to spruce up a boring presentation. A Voki can be embedded into presentations  … Continue reading Engage Learners using