Are You Burnt Out?

You Can Make it! by darkmoon1968

We all need motivation, especially at the end of a long school year. Every year comes crawling to an end, but some years drag you through potholes and over mountains to get there. No matter what your line of work, having someone who can help you re-calibrate is vitally important, especially to teachers.

Teachers want to leave a mark on the world and they do it through others. They are the messengers. Like the pizza delivery guy who never contributes to the diner conversation, but who is still extremely important to the experience, teachers feed students so they may grow. I believe the messenger is often the single most important person in students’ lives.

Find your Purpose

While looking for a new motivational resource I came across John Maxwell. He is a wonderful story teller who has a history as a pastor and author. While watching his YouTube recording I became completely engaged, listening as if he was speaking to me directly. Good speakers know how to make listeners feel that way. His words answered questions I’ve been asking in my head for months; what is my purpose here?  Should I stay? Is this where I belong? Maybe you are hearing the same questions from your inner voice.

He said something I’ve never heard before; “if you don’t have your own dream God has someone else waiting for you to join him. Your purpose could be to build the work of others. Put your purpose into the purpose of someone else” (Maine, 2013).   I think these words are life-changing.  

Maxwell went on to say that if you really don’t know what purpose you serve in the world, use these two clues; first, feel your passion, and second know your skill.  Hopefully you are a teacher because these two clues collided in your life. But if you don’t feel re-energized after your summer break, and you truly dread the road full of bumps ahead, please look for different work. Imagine how awful the dinner conversation would be if the pizza guy didn’t make every effort to do his job well.

To see Maxwell in action, watch what he has to say about leadership.


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