Digital Citizenship – Begins Here

Mantra PNGIt’s challenging trying to get society to change. Truthfully, it’s really too much for one, two, or even a hundred people to take on alone, but if it’s important enough, it’s worth trying.  Lately, while learning about the many sides of digital citizenship, I have developed a mantra for my school to present as part of the next school year’s technology plan activities, in an effort to build the awareness that will lead to change in how we communicate with and treat each other online.

“Be your best self – in person & online”

Nothing gets the point across as well as a mantra. That’s where we will begin. Digital citizenship is about relationships; relationships with friends, enemies, adults and students, and strangers. It’s about being respectful in spite of our difference, our likes and dislikes, and our personal opinions. So why not start here?  We can all become good digital citizens if we simply bring our best selves to every digital encounter. You know who that person is inside of you. All you need to do is choose to be that person.

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Digital Citizenship Mantra