CC (Creative Commons) Explained

How to give proper credit where credit is due

If you’re like me, your understanding of technology and its related parts goes only as deep as is necessary to get the job done. Nothing wrong with that, I say, but in the age of digital citizenship, we ought to know more about how to cite the images that bring our words to life. I am by no means an expert and have much to gain from reading and listening to others, so I share this link with you, for the same purpose.

How to write an attribution (from the Creative Commons Wiki)

More about attributions and license versions

Here, Creative Commons offers examples (visual examples) of the good, bad and ugly attributions we (as consumers of free images) should know about in order to be better stewards of these great resources. If you want to share other links to credible information about becoming a good digital citizen, please do so in the comments section. I am happy to re-post.