POP Goes Google Online

For those who have followed my work at Prince of Peace (POP) during the imageslast few months you know I have created and implemented a professional learning program as part of my year long  “IT” campaign. For those just joining me on this journey – welcome – and a brief explanation is in order.

“IT” represents many things and my school has agreed to adopt “IT” as the theme for everything we focus on this year. Our overarching goal is to help teachers reach a higher level of comfort with technology so they can take learning into their own hands. In support, we have assembled a Tech Committee of teachers to lead the program. All teachers willingly participated in a 4 week technology education program (with a 5th week for feedback), delivered entirely by skilled faculty. I am thrilled to report it was a success!

Now I am moving the program onto an online platform. This is new and exciting for me. The same lessons provided to teachers in the fall will be available to them again in the spring, through Schoology. Teachers wanting to learn more about Google tools for teaching can attend all six courses, at their own pace. The online courses will help our school keep all teachers up to date in their use of Google in education as well as advance their skill, staying at the top of their game, as teachers.

To view the inner workings of a course as it is being developed visit: Google Tools Workshop; Part 1.

Please visit the Projects Page for other information being used to support the course development.

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