A Letter About Change

To My POP Colleagues:

We have traveled together for several years and enjoyed amazing growth as a school community. More students, more teacher, and more technology have been added every year. Now we are at a tipping point, that point when our small town size is nearly too big to manage through casual conversations in the hallways about great ideas for the classrooms.

As we venture forward into the next few years of change – which is sure to come – I want to support our growth without losing the feeling of family we all depend on. This is the reason our professional learning strategies regarding technology are changing, too. It would be easy to gather in one big room and watch someone demonstrate how to use tech in the classroom. The larger we become the easier it is to do what big schools do when they lack the time and have hundreds of teachers – but, that’s not who we are. That’s not what we need.

We need to support our growth by working with each other so bringing technology into the classrooms never replaces the connection we have with our kids, and each other. It’s just another tool. We are a culture that depends on each other. When we have success we all celebrate, when we struggle, we all pitch in to help. And now, when we learn, we all need to support each other, like families do.

Some of you are very advanced in your use of classroom tech in your lessons. You are like the older siblings, forging the way. You are our mentors. Others, have little skill or low interest,or maybe don’t have time in their crazy lives – but we all need to adapt to how students learn, and that means we have to learn, too.

So, as we move forward together, please remember we’re one family of educators and we owe it to each other to be there in whatever role we play, patiently supporting each other. The new PL plan takes it slow so no one feels rushed or overwhelmed, and everyone feels supported. For those of you who are tech-wizards, moving ahead at the speed of  – well, technology – share your excitement with the rest of us at every opportunity. I, for one, can’t wait to see what’s out there for us next!

Thank you all for your constant commitment to our growth, to our outcomes, and to each other.


Judy Cornelius

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