The Uncomfortable Business of Change

ITI have set out to change how we deliver education to students by making teachers more aware of the need to connect with them in new ways. During the next school year, together with a small team, I am building a plan to support teachers as they dive into teaching with the help of technology. This includes a special project in the Foreign Language courses that adds online and blended learning options to the classroom. Some teachers are well on the way and they are developing strong relationships with their students by using technology as a common ground for learning. Other teachers need more time and assurance to get comfortable with the idea. Our team will provide resources and mentoring to help drive this new model of learning. We will support our peers so change can happen, even when it feels uncomfortable.

Please visit my promotional trailer, The IT Trailer which includes more detail about the importance of making this change.

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2 thoughts on “The Uncomfortable Business of Change

  1. Judy,

    I watched your trailer. I really liked the final scroll of IT possibilities. Is this a video in support of your proposal regarding the Foreign Language class or something different that is geared toward your entire school?



    • Chad, I added a reference to my project in the post that leads to the trailer. Thanks for asking the question. To clarify, the Foreign Language project is one of many irons in the fire that will bring technology into the classrooms throughout our school. The IT promotion is our team’s idea for creating interest in technology integration and fresh technology PD at different levels within the school.


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