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Monopoly-Board-GameLike the game of Monopoly, it pays to know that value of what you are looking for. It goes without saying, but navigating this site is much the same.

The tabs contain my opinions (My Blog), information about me (About Me & Contact), ways to find interesting information about leadership as a technology integrator and decision maker (Leading Learners), which includes specific posts for tech teachers, and instructing adults and children regarding technology use.

As this site develops you will see more about Prince of Peace Catholic School under (My School), which is where I perform my technology experiments, and the actual projects I use as the Director of Technology and a tech integrator (Projects). If you would like to see old projects, visit the archives at My Project Portfolio (

Thank you for visiting I use this site as a place for developing ideas, sharing information, including my opinions, and reflection upon what works and doesn’t in my learning environment. I invite you to comment, contribute and share this site with others.