Know Your Audience – Know Yourself


Know Your Audience – Know Yourself

We all know students and teachers who seem to find the lime light. They are the same people who are outgoing, have a hand in everything, volunteer, laugh out loud, and seem to get along well, everywhere. They are extroverts. Others, people quite the opposite; hardly have any voice at all, even when they totally understand and have the time to pitch in, but do not – they are introverts.

There are also people like me – the outgoing introvert. This is my greatest strength. The term first came to my attention when a friend, a family counselor and master social worker described our differences. She explained the wonderful, necessary, purposes we each serve in society.

While she tunes in to every social networking site that exists, I avoid exposure. She is quick to celebrate and commiserate with anyone, I prefer to remain private. However, she confides in me because she knows my personality type.  I won’t get involved simply to be involved. She knows I have her best interest in mind, not my own agenda. I, too, confide in her, because she represents a perspective that I barely understand, but must work with daily.

As a technology integrator, this personality trait, being both outgoing but introverted helps me teach others based on what is best in their classrooms, for their students, without being head over heals for what I have on my “must use” list. By knowing myself and knowing my audience, I am far more effective as a technology integrator.