What Kids Really Think

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I am the proud mother of three sons, all talented students, and more importantly, fine young men. We raised our boys to be honest with themselves about their strengths and weaknesses and hope they can be honest with us, too.  Sadly, all three boys have reported they hate school for one reason or another.

In spite of their overwhelmingly positive experiences, the negatives resonate more strongly. One son put it to me most clearly when he asked why teachers can’t just let kids learn by showing them why it matters to know certain things rather than having kids do homework that is meaningless to them. I had no answer. Recently I came across a You Tube video created by a high school student as, what appeared to be an English assignment, that is word-for-word the sentiment of my boys’ about today’s schools. If you are reading this, I ask that you watch the video and leave a comment about how you think we can change how we educate kids so the next generation can brag about what they love.


2 thoughts on “What Kids Really Think

  1. This video was exceptional. I feel the experience the student mentions and the checklist that students must face is one seen more at the middle school and high school level. Elementary education provides a foundation to become functional, but even there it seems to have become a high-stakes world. I agree that choice needs to occur earlier and decrease the amount assessments that dictate paths. Providing more opportunities for students to express themselves as a form of assessment is what I think will allow a transition to take place.


    • Students as young as kindergarten have opinions. As educators we are wise to listen to them so as not to lose them before they stop listening to us. Thanks for the observation.


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