Research in the Classroom

Teachers need to know a little bit about everything -take Middle School teachers, for example. Regardless of the subject one teaches, there is a good chance their students will have to research something. Research might even be a standard in the course. Many teachers are not accustomed to having to cite a source or give credit to a creator. They may not even realize that posting to YouTube has rules, and consequences. I’m not suggesting teachers are unprepared or neglectful in keeping up their “teaching skills”, I’m pointing out that the age of information technology has excelled the rate of change in how students learn and puts the burden of keeping up and the shoulders of our teachers.

Many online tools are available for teachers to first, learn, and then teach students the art of researching online. Included on this page is one, comprehensive tool to get started. Take a look at the section “Information Literacy” from the site, NoodleTools.



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