The Secret to Hearing the Truth – Google Forms

My oldest son’s kindergarten teacher once said “if you believe only half of what your child tells you happens at school, I will believe only half of what he tells me happens at home”. I took the deal.

If you are in a position where getting to the truth matters; maybe you need to know how your students’ really grasp the concepts, or if your performance is truly perceived as you expect, consider using a feedback mechanism that is anonymous. One benefit is you don’t have to feel uncomfortable asking for the feedback, and you might just get more of the truth. Many tools are available. If you have a Google gmail account or are google forms to sheetsusing Google for Education in your work, you can try Google Forms today. It is easy to use and saves the results to a database in your Google account. If you are ready to hear the truth, give it a go. Here’s an example of a quick survey I created for use with a lesson about being bullied. Check out Real Learning with Google Forms. When you get there, click the big yellow button to get started.

If you are an advanced Google user and want to do something really techie with google Forms, watch the You Tube video in the source link below.  You’ll learn how to start with a spreadsheet full of questions and answers and create assessments. Very cool!

Image: Terral W. Create a Google Form FROM a Google Spreadsheet.