Sites for Teachers – to Engage Learners

Let’s face it, unless this is the first time you’ve ever touched a computer you know the list of technology sites for teachers is endless. Are you wondering how you can find what will work in YOUR classroom, with YOUR kids, and YOUR abilities, in YOUR time frame??

IMG953431 (1)I have gathered a short list of a few sites that will help you get started using technology in engaging ways. These sites offer tools that enhance the lessons you teach, so don’t expect miracles. Teaching sound content comes first. Technology may add, but only adds value if students already have a handle on what they are learning. Be prepared, not every child likes using technology. It’s up to you to fan their flame for learning by giving them some freedom to have fun.

You will find Information about using Minecraft, Coding, and Google for Education. Check out  Real Learning Collaboration in the Classroom.